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Questers are people who enjoy antiques and history


*  Have you ever looked at an old item and wondered about its history?
​*  Have you ever looked at an old house and wished that you could help it by restoring it to its original dignity?
*  Do you enjoy learning about the history of people, places, events?
If you answered yes, we'd love to have you join a Quester's chapter! Please reach out with questions in regards to membership and how you can join.
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Colorado Columbine Pioneers

The Columbine Pioneers (C.P.) is a subsidiary society of the Colorado Questers whose membership is open to past chapter presidents and state officers, and whose purpose is to provide opportunities for social fellowship and networking among members and chapters. The society meets twice a year-usually August and March. Invitations are sent out in the mail for such field trips and gatherings.


Five Dollar dues are collected in the Fall during chapter meetings and the chapter treasurer will send in the roster and dues for the chapter to the State Treasurer. Voting for  incoming C.P officers takes place in the spring.


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