Colorado State Questers gives to Colorado Chapters, two types of grants for Preservation and Restoration (P&R.)

  1. The State P&R grant and 2. The President’s P&R Project. 


Colorado State P&R Grant:

The State P&R grant is awarded at our Fall Luncheon meeting on odd years with a deadline of March 15 for Chapters to complete the P&R Form.  This form or application follows the International Guidelines for P&R awards.  Funding for the Colorado State Questers Grant is provided through two Silent Auctions held at the Fall Luncheon and Spring Council meetings and donations from State Chapters. Many years we have $5,000 to $6,000 to award. 


The President’s P&R Project:

The second P&R Project, the President’s P&R project is submitted each year by Chapters to the Executive Board for review and recommendations to the State Quester President.  The State Quester President has the privilege of deciding on the project for their term.  These can be for one to two years, but have to be completed by end of their term.  Chapters can donate to this P&R project.


  • 2017-2018 Paula Doty: Gobelin Tapestry Restoration

  • 2018-2019 Joyce Hall: Restoration of Governor's Vivian portrait & frame

  • 2019-2020 Joyce Hall: Restoration of oak floors in Hayden Heritage Center

  • 2020-2021 Lee Hensley: Restoration of the dinning room at the Historic Stanley Home in Estes Park, CO

International P&R Grants:

The International Questers organization also makes Grant awards.  Grants are awarded to Chapters on even years at the International Quester Convention with the deadline on November 15.  These grants are funded by dues and generous donations from Chapters though out the United States and Canada. 

Additional grant information and applications can be found on the Members Only page.

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